Heartbreak & Beauty, an experimental film that explores the joy and pain of relationships through poetry, visual metaphor and dance. Whether it’s the yearning for a life-partner, the heartbreak of losing someone or the beauty that comes with true friendship and genuine love, our students with an intellectual disability give their perspective on what it means to be human.

Bus Stop Films produced Heartbreak & Beauty in partnership with Sydney Community College. The project was funded by the office of Family and Community Services, a Department of the New South Wales Government.

Check out the making of Heartbreak and Beauty.

Libby Banks, Nathan Basha, Robin Bryan, Genevieve Clay-Smith

Nalie Bacci, Emma Brodie, Rob McCredie, Sonja Kerr, Stephen Konstatopoulos, Audrey O’connor, Gerard O’dwyer, Pearl Pride, Sangetha Punnia-Moort, Jessica Rabbitts, Daniel Suwitra, Lisa Ghofer, Digby Webster, Patricia Wood, David Zughbi

Writers: Bus Stop Films class of 2014
Producers: Erin Black and Henry Smith
Co-Producers: Genevieve Clay-Smith and Eleanor Winkler
Cinematographer: Henry Smith
Steadicam: Andrew Johnson
Production Designer: Phanida Kovalevsky
Editor: Simon Njoo
Choreographer: Matt Cornell
Composer: Jonny Higgins

© 2014 running time 13 minutes