Why Jamie Brewer reminds that on-screen diversity is about more than race and gender

June 01, 2016

American actor and activist Jamie Brewer arrived in Australia last week. She spent much of her time speaking about inclusiveness and diversity on screen, and collaborating with not-for-profit organisation Bus Stop Films to conduct workshops for actors who have disabilities.

Brewer is only 31, but has already earned the reputation of a trailblazer. Best-known for starring in the hit anthology TV series American Horror Story, she has leveraged her profile to rally for change.

During a year of heightened discussion around diversity on our screens, her visit can remind us that this conversation extends – or ought to extend – to more areas than race and gender. Correcting imbalances in these areas is of fundamental importance; correcting an ingrained prejudice against actors who have disabilities should not be excluded from our efforts.


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