Sydney sudanese community on world map

February 19, 2015

THE desire to “start a conversation” about refugees in Australia led Isha Kamara to help create a film showcasing the Sydney Sudanese community to the world.

Ms Kamara helped bring short film I Am Emmanuel, directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith, to the screen. A former asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, she was a resident of Bankstown at the time of shooting. She served as co-producer and casting director on the film, which was shot largely in Bankstown. I Am Emmanuel tells the story of two brothers adjusting to life in Australia after fleeing from Sudan. It was shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where Ms ­Kamara said it was “very well­-received”. The film will be screened at other festivals around the world and Ms Kamara said they were hoping to have a special showing in Blacktown.

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