Actress Jamie Brewer advocates for increased diversity and inclusion in film and television

May 26, 2016

Friends of the Emmy Award-winning TV series American Horror Story will be familiar with one of its main stars, Jamie Brewer. Her character has Down syndrome. She’s become a vocal advocate for diversity in film, television and on the catwalk. Last year she was the first model with Down syndrome to feature in New York Fashion Week. Monique Schafter caught up with Jamie Brewer here in Sydney, where she’s working on a short film made by students with disabilities.

On the 26th of May 2016, Jamie Brewer and our co-founder Genevieve Clay-Smith were on ABC 7.30, advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in the film and television industry. They spoke of the need for authentic casting, the amazing opportunity Bus Stop Films presents and the upcoming dance-drama-comedy, ‘Kill Off’.

Watch the interview on ABC 7.30