What we do

We make films with, for and about people from diverse and marginalised backgrounds through our own inclusive filmmaking model. Our process began with developing a filmmaking workshop program specifically for people with an intellectual disability and since then, we have begun working with other marginalised communities.

The people we work with often face societal barriers that prevent them from engaging in the mainstream film industry. Bus Stop’s goal is to provide pathways for those we work with to participate in filmmaking at a professional level and use filmmaking as a tool for creating social change.

We create a safe learning environment where students can learn at their own pace and we pride ourselves on teaching tertiary level filming making topics (theory and practical), connecting students with industry mentors, and providing work experience opportunities.

  1. Education: We are passionate about creating workshops and learning environments for people to learn about the theory and practice of filmmaking.
  2. Work Experience: Through our coursework we create films with our participants and engage them in work experience activities, which can lead to employment opportunities.
  3. Advocacy: The films we make with our participants are used as tools of advocacy. Our films are currently requested as training and educational resources for big businesses and non-profits, we also pride ourselves on holding community screenings with Q&A panels with our participants. We distribute our films on the festival circuit, television and online to bring messages of inclusion into the world.

We want our diverse and marginalised communities to be heard and represented within the Australian and international cinematic landscape.

Together with our participants, we make award winning short films that aim to raise awareness, break down social stigmas and give audiences insight into a different human perspective.


While there are many recreational and leisure activities in the space of film and media, there are currently no organisations specifically engaged in giving people with a disability educational opportunities that take them through the same learnings found in a formal educational institute.

We are passionate about teaching all aspects of film studies, and our workshops cover a wide variety of topics including, film theory, film history, film criticism as well as practical filmmaking.

Currently Bus Stop Films works in partnership with Sydney Community College (SCC) to deliver our weekly workshops to the disability community. SCC is funded to put on workshops for people with disabilities through an initiative from the NSW Government’s Family and Community Services (FACS) Department called the Inclusive Communities Education Program (ICEP).

Bus Stop’s Director, Genevieve Clay-Smith is paid like any other tutor to put on workshops, however, because she dedicates additional unpaid hours to the workshops, she is able to brand the workshops as ‘Bus Stop Films’. The relationship with SCC has been like an incubator for Bus Stop Films, helping it refine the delivery of the workshops and projects.

If you are interested in getting involve in the workshops please contact, Sydney Community College on +61 2 8752 7555.

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Work experience & Employment

Bus Stop Films provides its students work experience opportunities on
professional sets and has facilitated employment opportunities also.

We are always looking for opportunities to give our students
industry experience and meaningful employment.



Bus Stop works collaboratively with local and international organisations
to provide films for community screenings.

We also do our best to enter all our inclusive films into film festivals to
spread our messages of inclusion across the globe.


Bus Stop Films has facilitated presentations on various topics
such as social inclusion, workplace inclusion and advocacy.

We are always excited by opportunities to present our work
to audiences and spread our message.


We value the opportunity to consult and collaborate on projects
to help make them inclusive.

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